Alexandra Blackie

Alexandra Blackie is an associate consultant at Aephoria. She has been coaching for 10 years and works with individuals and teams within organisations, focusing on leadership development using a bespoke mixture of team coaching, experiential learning and one on one work. She has worked with clients in the areas of property, finance, retail, beverages, packaging, and learning and development.

Alex’s personal experiences of leadership and the impact of change, especially when it is sudden and tumultuous, and her passion for growth and development, brought her to the world of coaching as a means of navigating life more resourcefully. Her focus is on leadership as a core life skill and as a process for shaping the future. Alex also has deep experience in workshop design and facilitation, leadership development, brand engagement and personal branding.

Alex’s Master’s degree research project focused on how to create integration in the diverse social environment of business when extrinsic change is having a profound impact on individuals, teams and the business itself. Her strategic approach to organisational interventions is pragmatic and engaging, and her ultimate aim is to build new skills with clients that enhance their capacity to manage and thrive in the long term.

Busisiwe Mgbemena 

Busi Mgbemena is an associate consultant at Aephoria and the fouding director of Reflect Coaching Life Skills (Pty) Ltd, a social enterprise in human development capacitating people with life skills, and providing entrepreneurial, career and leadership coaching.

Busi is known for connecting people with the core of who they are. She facilitates deep transformational dialogues aligned to the vision of healing past traumatic and present life experiences to create a more empowered and active citizenry in disadvantaged communities and work spaces. She has facilitated No-Name Initiative dialogues and Peace and Reconciliation workshops across organisations.

Busi graduated from Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) with a Diploma in Public Management. She holds a Diploma in Coaching and is a member coach of COMENSA. She is an associate with No-Name-Dialogue Institute and the Institute for the Healing of Memories. Busi currently teaches Gender Work: WomenKind under Tertiary Studies in Business Administration at TSiBA.

In 2017 Busi successfully completed Barack Obama’s Young African Leader’s Initiative (YALI-RLCSA) programme as a young leader committed to transforming Africa.

Chantelle Wyley

Chantelle Wyley is an associate consultant at Aephoria and a partner in Baobab Consulting and Training, a leadership and development management consulting company based in Cape Town, working internationally since 2000.

Chantelle is a coach, facilitator and trainer specialising in development project management training, facilitation training, leadership development, organisation development and systems change. She uses emotional intelligence and Gestalt OD to coach and support mostly public sector leaders in the technical aspects of program management, leadership, personal development, diversity, and how to cultivate powerful personal presence and resonant relationships.

Chantelle graduated from the University of Natal (now UKZN) with a MA in Information Systems and a BA Honours in History. She completed the International Programme in the Gestalt Approach to Organization and Systems Development in Ohio, USA.

Chantelle teaches coaches and consultants, on the International Gestalt Organization and Leadership Development Program and in various Gestalt OD training programs in South Africa. She has taught on the Business Executive Coaching Program at the University of Witwatersrand Business School and on the International Gestalt Organization and Systems Development Program. Chantelle is a Technical Advisor in the National Treasury’s Technical Assistance Unit / Government Technical Advisory Centre (GTAC), an associate of the Teleos Leadership Institute, and a partner in GestaltOD Partners.

Charlene Pereira

Charlene Pereira is an associate consultant at Aephoria, a facilitator of Enneagram workshops and a self-development coach and part-time Enneagram writer, motivated by a deep desire to understand others and to make a difference.

After working in the travel industry for four years, she joined Integrative Enneagram Solutions in 2013, where her passion for psychology was reignited. Over the years, Charlene has gained significant knowledge in the Enneagram field, having completed Integrative Level 1 and 2 accreditation training, as well as training with international Enneagram teachers such as Russ Hudson, Beatrice Chestnut and Uranio Paes.

Charlene completed her BA Psychology in 2010. In August 2018, she graduated with her Diploma in Practitioner Coaching (DIPC) through The Coaching Centre in Cape Town and also completed the Depth Facilitation (Level 1) course with Helene Smit.

Charlene has a deep love for Cape Town and spends her free time in nature with friends and family.

Colin Brett

Colin Brett is an associate consultant at Aephoria and the founding director of Coaching Development. Colin works in changing the mindsets of organisations through individually designed change programmes, group facilitation and coaching.

Colin has over 23 years’ experience of working in organisational development ranging from multinationals to small and medium enterprises in a diverse range of cultures and sectors. He has worked extensively in the pharmaceutical industry, finance, insurance and also in military contexts.

Colin is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation (there are approximately 190 in the UK), an accredited coach supervisor, a teaching and supervising transactional analyst in organisations (one of only six in the UK), an NLP coach and a senior practitioner with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). Colin holds four Masters degrees in, inter alia, Organisational Analysis and Leadership and Positive Psychology.

With a strong interest in languages and cultures (his primary degree is in German and Russian), Colin works in South Africa, the Czech Republic, Qatar and Germany.

Colin Campbell

Colin Campbell is an associate consultant at Aephoria and a full-time practitioner of traditional African medicine with a practice in Cape Town. He has clients from all over the world, and facilitates international group processes relating to natural law, transformation, healing and personal power, sacred sites, and cross-cultural cosmology. Colin co-runs a training school and resource centre in Botswana for traditional doctors and sangomas. 

Colin grew up in rural south-eastern Botswana. During this time, he acquired knowledge of Tswana culture and its traditional medicinal and spiritual practices. He has been trained and initiated as a traditional doctor and sangoma.

Colin is also a lifelong artist and musician, his style bridging the traditional with the contemporary, the timeless with the timely, and the sounds of the sacred with the lyricism of electric rocking funk.

Dano “Ronnie’’ Ndlovu

Dano ‘’Ronnie’’ Ndlovu is an associate consultant at Aephoria who has been coaching for over 10 years in public and private sector organisations. Clients include teams (shop-floor employees and their leaders through to executives) as well as individuals (professional to executive levels) in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana. Ronnie also provides coaching to couples.

Ronnie is the founder of Execufind, which he started in 1994, focusing primarily on executive search. He has extensive experience in evaluating executives’ suitability, especially cultural fit, for roles in a wide range of companies, both South African and multinational, and specialises in the on-boarding of strategic hires, including coaching and integration.

Ronnie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and is certified as an organisation and relationship systems coach. He completed a one-year Co-Active Coach training programme with the Coaches Training Institute, and has also completed a two-year programme on process work facilitation based on Process Orientated Psychology. In 2014, he was one of the first two coaches in Africa selected for the international training faculty of CRR Global, Inc.

Elona Hlatshwayo

Elona is an experienced consultant with over 17 years of experience working in Southern Africa, the UK,
Canada and Ireland. She is a Master Coach (ABCCCP) and Registered Coach (COMENSA) where she
sits on the Board of Directors as the Chairperson for the Research Portfolio Committee. She is also a
member of the Board of Directors for Dinaledi Educational Coaching. Elona is currently lecturing at the
Wits Business School (WBS) as a Lead for Coaching Skills and Professional Practice modules.
Additionally, she is a part-time lecturer at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) in the Department
of Management and Entrepreneurship and Research Associate.

Elona works full time as an Entrepreneurial and Executive Coach, and Business Development Specialist
helping professionals and organisations grow.

Elona Hlatshwayo

Elona designs and provides bespoke training workshops as well as one to one and group coaching programs that enhance personal
mastery. Her passion is helping people see endless possibilities in the global business market. Her dream is to inspire more people in the
emerging markets to excel in their businesses and professions.

Elona is a seasoned academic in her field, she is currently a PhD Candidate at Wits Business School (WBS), with a focus on Business
Coaching and Entrepreneurship. She holds a Master’s degree in International Business Management (with a focus on small businesses in
emerging markets) from Liverpool University (UK), an Advanced Diploma in Life, Executive and Business Coaching from LECI
(Ireland), BCom (Hons) Industrial Psychology from the University of Western Cape as well as a BSocSci (Labour Studies,
Organisational Psychology and HR Management) from the University of Cape Town. She has coached executives and senior managers
from the US Embassy in Ireland, ABSA, Nedbank, Engen, City of Cape Town, GEMS, Amandla EduFootball, Fetola, PHRU,
Department of Health, MedScheme, Vodacom, Wits Executive Education, Transnet, SAB (Mozambique), Department of Public Works,
Cornerstone Institute, PWC. The Foschini Group, UCT Get Smarter, FNB, Exxaro, Auditor General of South Africa.

Jennie Tsekwa

Jennie Tsekwa is an associate consultant at Aephoria and one of the founding directors of The Kopanya Institute, a consulting firm providing coaching, writing and strategic facilitation services.

Jennie specialises in working with individuals and teams who are going through seasons of change, growth or stress, and seeking greater alignment, connection and effectiveness. She has many years of experience in the fields of individual and organisational change, leadership development, employee engagement, strategic alignment, and diversity and transformation. She has worked with executive leadership teams in large organisations such as Discovery, Standard Bank, Eskom, the CSIR, De Beers, ArcelorMittal, Nedbank and Sasol, as well as in the education sector, where she has coached individuals and teams in Advtech, UCT, the NRF, UJ and Wits University. She currently serves on the Parent Advisory Council of her son’s school.

Jennie is licensed in the use of individual and group coaching tools, including the Barrett Values Alignment Tool, the Enneagram, Gender Reconciliation International (GRI) process work and Organisational Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC). She is accredited with Mentors and Business Coaches International (MBCI), an international network of mentors and coaches.

Jeremy Opperman

Jeremy is an experienced Diversity practitioner and analyst specialising in disability equity and inclusion, and making sure that disability does not get left off the DEI narrative.

Jeremy who is blind, worked in the training and development consulting field for ten years before he began his own business  specialising in disability equity which coincided with the promulgation of the Employment Equity Act in 1998, which for the first time acknowledged disability as a designated group.

He is passionate about the natural and unhesitant inclusion  of persons with disabilities into mainstream society.

Jeremy has worked with numerous organisations in both the public and  private sector, focusing on Disability awareness, access consulting and  disability inclusion mentoring.

Jeremy serves on the Rotary International DEI taskforce and is on the   board of directors  of SA Guide Dog Association  and St Dunstans institute for War blinded Veterans which is the largest funder of  orientation and mobility practitioners in SA.

Johan Greeff

Johan Greeff is an associate consultant at Aephoria and established Treetops Consulting in 1989. He is a clinical psychologist, organisation development practitioner and facilitator.

Johan journeys with clients on large-scale change initiatives, leading teams through conflicts and challenges into new strategic waters. His approach and methodology combine theoretical principles with the practicalities of life which enables facilitating whole-person and whole-systems transformation. He works with individuals, teams and companies to make their organisations fit for human habitation and flawless execution.

Johan has a MA in Clinical Psychology and is a Master OD Practitioner (SABPP). Career highlights include being a founding member of the International Organisation Development Association (IODA) and co-authoring the book, Ek en my Personeel. He has done extensive work in the field of assessment and development centres. As a chairperson of the Khuluma Counselling Centre, he provides counselling services in the Centurion local community.

Johan and his wife Laura have three daughters and a son, as well as five grandchildren. He believes in living life to the fullest and has completed 12 Comrades marathons, 11 Argus cycle tours and countless endurance events. He also races competitively in the Porsche Club Time Trial Series.

Johann Verster

Johann Verster is an associate consultant at Aephoria. He has been practicing as a psychotherapist for 30 years, and is also a facilitator and supervisor for coaches and therapists.

Johann has a strong background in the development of consciousness, emotional maturity and interpersonal relationship. He assists people in understanding the richness of their interior lives and the direct relationship this has with their experience of success, contentment and personal meaning.

Johann holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology (1987) from North West University in Potchefstroom, and is a registered user of the Integrative Enneagram personal and group assessment tool. He has 10 years’ experience in Enneagram interpretation and the practices particular to the growth pattern of each style.

Johann uses this framework within the corporate environment to help people understand their potential for effective leadership through self-awareness and self-management, as well as through the development of positive and productive relationships.

Khanyisa Balfour

Khanyisa Balfour is a senior associate at Aephoria. She is a qualified Professional Coach, Facilitator and qualified as Time to Think Facilitator. She is a seasoned businesswoman, strategist, visionary leader and a social development specialist with more than twenty years of management experience, ten years of which was in corporate as an Executive Manager.

She believes we all have an innate ability to create magic in whatever we connect with. All we need is the opportunity and the right conditions to ignite the fire in us that shines through our eyes.

She has vast experience in facilitating group processes. Some of her executive coaching and leadership advancement work includes organisations like Transnet Freight Rail, Woolworths, PEP, Coega Development Corporation and Engen Petroleum Ltd. She has served in a number of boards and trusts, including the University of Cape Town Council; Trustee of Nedbank Private Wealth Foundations; Trustee of Early Learning Resources Unit; a non-executive Director of Second Harvest – an infrastructure development company and an Executive Director of Zuko Brand Communications.

Khanyisa holds undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Psychology from Monash University – Melbourne Australia and post graduate business Advancement Programmes from UCT Graduate School of Business.

Linda Henning

Linda Henning is an associate consultant at Aephoria and has extensive experience coaching and mentoring individuals and teams in various systems. She has worked in both corporate and non-profit sectors, from grass roots to executive levels, creating, designing, implementing and delivering a variety of courses, processes and/or development projects.

Linda’s organisational experience includes a large-scale culture change project within a financial services institution. Chiefly addressing the leadership journey for natural teams, focusing on the fast pace of change and transformation within the financial services environment, Linda facilitates both team and interpersonal conflict and courageous conversations as well as the impact of rank and privilege on groups within corporate and community. She also coaches individual clients from medical, legal, psychological and other professional backgrounds.

Linda brings her lifelong passion for horses, and the belief that they have many lessons for individuals and groups. Working with horses enables total engagement of “the other 90%” of non-verbal communication as we become aware of messages from our own bodies, as well as beginning to realize how our bodies are communicating with others.

Megan Furniss

Megan Furniss is an associate consultant at Aephoria, running improvisation (improv) theatre interventions across our client base. She is a South African born playwright, actor, writer, director, teacher, facilitator and improviser. She has spent her life involved in theatre and make-believe.

Megan graduated from the University of Cape Town in 1986 and worked as an actress and director before starting her own improvisation troupe in Cape Town. She has written and co-written numerous plays and musicals, performed and directed theatre, improvises and teaches improv. She has self-published a novel, and writes short stories for competitions.

For the past 25 years, Megan has headed up an industrial theatre company Improvision, creating bespoke theatre for a diverse range of clients, including Engen, ABSA, BP, NSFAS, Indigo, Portnet, and SAB Miller.

Mrozaa Limba

As a Trainer, Mroleli Limba is highly skilled and experienced in managing the change process of individuals and teams in different sectors. He has flexibility, well-honored skills, deep insight, and a thorough understanding of human motivation. He applies his professional training and facilitation skills, creativity, flexibility, and enthusiasm to the specific subject of his training whether for business development, youth leadership, or any community development training interventions.

Mroleli’s facilitation style is engaging, entertaining, and highly interactive.  He uses different methodologies to enable participants to integrate the learning quickly and efficiently so they can immediately apply these new learnings effectively in their workplace and throughout all aspects of their lives

Mroleli’s core focus and experience is in group facilitation, customized curriculum, and training design, coaching and mentoring, leadership skills, and team-building among others.  He has worked extensively in small businesses, government, and local communities, across a broad and varied range of industries. He applies his professional training and facilitation skills.  With this background, Mroleli brings many diverse professional and personal experiences to any individual or organization with whom he is privileged to work.

Mroleli has acquired a National Diploma in Child and Youth Development at the University of South Africa.  He has finished a number of courses like the President Award Mentorship Training on Life Skills, Families Matter Program, Diversity Management, and AIDS Education.  He is an accredited Skills Development Facilitator by W&S SETA.

Mroleli was central to the work Aephoria did in measuring Inclusion within an entire university staff population of 8,000 people (2019-2020). He facilitated inclusion workshops and Inclusion Index survey completion sessions with isiXhosa staff thereby ensuring that the survey had sufficient input from these staff members.

The focus for these workshops was to explore staff experience of diversity and inclusion within the system and make recommendations for how to improve inclusivity.

Mroleli was a training contractor for Liberty at Work and SBFC (Standard Bank Financial Consultancy) at Liberty within the New Business Development Department from 01 September 2020 until 31 October 2021. He was responsible to run virtual training for the Call Centre Agents at DFS and Financial Advisors from Liberty and Standard Bank.

He is also involved with Neighbourhood Watch as a freelance facilitator around the Western Cape Communities, running workshops on Conflict Management. The workshops started on 19 June 2021 to date and these are conducted on weekends only.

Mroleli is an active director of Khuphula Training Solutions (Pty) Ltd and Simbarashe Sanitation.  He is also a Pastor at the Divine Purpose Ministries in Milnerton Cape Town.

Mroleli is committed to empowering individuals, teams, businesses, and organizations to be equipped for their success.

nazeema ahmed

Nazeema Ahmed

(PCC, M.A. Clin. Psych. UCT)

Nazeema is an internationally certified Professional Integral Coach, credentialled with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She graduated from the Centre for Coaching, Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town (UCT).

Nazeema is a certified Enneagram Practitioner. She has extensive training and experience in coaching circles and facilitation. She has also completed various mindfulness and embodiment courses. She is passionate about facilitating circles and has over 2000 hours of individual coaching logged. She deepens her knowledge and experiences through ongoing training and workshops.

Nazeema began her career as a research psychologist and clinical psychologist. During this time she published research in the area of health education. Thereafter she developed her clinical private practice and did sessional clinical work in corporates.

Nazeema offers individual coaching to private clients, facilitates coaching circles, and runs workshops on ‘Leader as a coach’. Her skill as a clinical psychologist aids her in gaining a deeper understanding of the motivations for an individual’s behaviour. She enjoys seeing growth in people who are willing to take responsibility for their development and who stretch themselves to see new possibilities. The integral coaching model of Ken Wilber informs the theoretical framework of her work. She strives to adopt an integral way of being in her personal life.

Roland Cox

Roland Cox (PCC, MPhil) is an associate consultant at Aephoria and has a unique ability to identify blind spots in individuals and teams and work constructively through these with really impressive results.

His MPhil thesis focused on working with the body in transformational executive coaching. And he is fascinated by issues of self-determination, transition, identity/strategy, somatic and adaptive intelligence, all in service of fast-tracking leadership maturity. Through strong partnerships with maturing leaders, he assists in building cohesive teams and conscious organisations.

He’s been coaching since 2003 and has delivered over 5000 hours of coaching. He’s been active in the profession through lecturing, writing, serving on coaching bodies, working specifically with advisors and other experts in integrating coaching approaches, and doing pro bono work, particularly within the children’s rights sector.

Tsietsi Molebatsi

Tsietsi Molebatsi is an associate consultant at Aephoria and a director, consultant and facilitator at Treetops Consulting.

Tsietsi has more than 30 years of experience in training and development, community and organisation development. His experience includes marketing, community participation, strategic management, team effectiveness, leadership development, communication, talent management and organisational research. Tsietsi has a passion for leadership development, personal mastery, mentoring, strategic planning, organisation development and organisation culture. He is in his element when he facilitates team effectiveness and alignment seminars or conducts organisational research (culture and climate surveys).

Tsietsi embarked on a B.Proc degree at the University of Fort Hare. He was elected president of the Student Representative Council (SRC) at the University during the challenging period in South African politics and education in 1979. He was simultaneously chairperson of the soccer club and a member of the All Sports Union. Unfortunately, Tsietsi could not complete his legal studies because of his political involvement and activities.

Tsietsi loves almost all forms of sport. He has always been involved in committee work in cultural, welfare, development, sport, community and neighbourhood affairs, and continues to hold leadership positions in these environments.