Developmental Enneagram Coaching (1 day in person) + AIM Assessment Accreditation (2 x 4 hour online sessions)

About Facilitator:

Lucille Greeff is a, proudly African, Organisation Development practitioner and director at Aephoria Partners, a leadership development group working globally from their base in Cape Town, South Africa. Aephoria specialises in work that supports individual leader and systems transformation. They have also developed a world-leading assessment called AIM (Aephoria Identity Map) that integrates Enneagram with Adult Development and stage measures for individuals and teams. She accredits and trains coaches in the use of this tool. Her work and interests are in the both-and of life: how to work with the process AND personality Enneagram, how to work with the psychological AND the mythic, the vertical AND horizontal, how to disrupt AND contain. When not working with leaders globally or training and supporting coaches, she writes and translates poetry, is trying to figure out parenting teenagers, facilitates land-based work such as Vision Fasts, grows vegetables and loves her chickens.

As featured on Coaches Rising:


This course combines an in person training day on using the Enneagram for developmental coaching with 2 shorter online sessions to accredit practitioners in the use of the AIM Enneagram tool.

Session 1: Pre-workshop online on 24 Aug from 1-5 pm AEST 2023

  • What is the Enneagram
  • Motivations of the types
  • Understanding types as polarities
  • How the main Ennea style forms

Session 2: 1 day in person on 4 Sept 2023 (Also in the Sydney, Australia hosted by Rhonda Allen)

  • Embodied Enneagram (postures for development)
  • Enneagram as development map
  • The Law of 3 and application for development in working with centres, wings, lines and instincts
  • From types to development themes
  • Peer coaching practice
  • Heat in coaching

Session 3: 20 Sept for tech tool online from 1-5 pm AEST

  • AIM assessment
  • Reliability and validity
  • Interpretation of Overview Docs
  • Approaches to feedback
  • Case study preparation
  • Accreditation assignment

Own time – complete 2 x case study feedback sessions and provide short written assignment to complete accreditation.

You receive your own AIM assessment (Enneagram + Maturity assessment), a one-on-one feedback session and can nominate 2 people to complete Enneagram assessments for your case studies (you will do their feedback).

Cost: AUD $1000