“Yila Moja. You can blow out a candle, but you can’t blow out a fire. “

On Tuesday 25 May Julia Kukard and Ntaytyambo Ntloko had a conversation about Biko’s work on Inner Freedom and its value from a coaching and psychotherapeutic angle.

They explored Biko’s ideas about how we lose ourselves and our freedom, and how we may rebuild ourselves to access our freedom and responsibility more fully.

Have a listen and let us know your thoughts:

Julia Kukard

Julia Kukard is a coach, trainee psychotherapist and leadership development practitioner. She has recently submitted her doctorate on leadership stuckness using the work of Steve Biko.

Ntyatambo Ntloko

Ntyatyambo Ntloko is a dynamic Johannesburg-based facilitator and coach who has a keen focus on women in leadership, diversity & inclusion and unconscious bias, working with groups and one on one.