Julia and Ntyatyambo are speaking at the Graduate School Alliance for Education in Coaching (GSAEC) Bonfire Virtual Summit entitled Imagine Change: Spark the Potential of Coaching Education
Panel II:
From Social Listening to Inner Freedom: Leading with ME
Julia Kukard, Research & Knowledge Director, Aephoria Partners
Ntyatyambo Ntloko, Associate Coach, Aephoria Partners
Natalie Cunningham, Lecturer, University of Manchester

Date: July 22-23, 2021

natalie cunningham
Julia Kukard
Ntyatambo Ntloko
This presentation explores inner freedom using the work of Steve Biko who developed a methodology for building inner freedom that focussed on identifying discarded, denied, and defiled identities, infusing these with pride, and reintegrating them within to support enhanced agility, agency, and competency in the world. This methodology is very useful for supporting clients to operate from a stronger base and work effectively with shame. The event is presented as a dialogue between a white coach and a black coach investigating what inner freedom may look like for different races, and the processes involved in liberating oneself from the gaze and expectations of others. A particular focus will be how to have cross-cultural conversations about race in a straightforward way.