Lucille Greeff being interviewed by Rezzan Huseyin on The Practical Enneagram podcast.

The Process Enneagram is the ugly stepsister of the Enneagram! So says Lucille Greeff, Chartered Organisational Development Practitioner, Facilitator, Coach, Poet, and all-around Enneagram wizard. In this interview, Lucille elucidates on all things vertical development and the Enneagram.

– How Lucille met the Enneagram [0.46]

– What is vertical development [5.26]

– What triggers adult development [9.28]

– How has vertical development been contextualized in the Enneagram [11.06]

– What is the Process Enneagram [14.06]

– How to begin to work with this with clients [16.41]

– Developmental priorities at Points 1 and 2 [17.36] on the Process Enneagram, Point 4 [24.56], Point 5 [27.26] and Point 6 [27.41]

– How the Enneagram maps with Spiral Dynamics [32.16]

– What frame of vertical development to hold [34.36]

– How development probably makes you unhappier overall (but at least you’ll be seeing reality as it is!) [38.03]