Getting more comfortable with race.

Everybody has a race and they bring it into the coaching room, same with sexuality, gender, religion, thinking style etc. We need to be able to talk openly about race in coaching sessions, be straightforward and role model an approach to race that is useful to the client.

This means watching for racial collusion, defensiveness, virtue signaling and other non-adaptive behaviours around race, and learning how to call it, in ourselves and others.

Here are some good places to learn about getting more comfortable with race.:

Coaches need to understand gender, sexuality and gender fluidity. There is so much societal change around these areas and we need to get our vocabulary right.

We have seen a couple of coaches specialising in neurodiverse thinkers for example those on the spectrum or relating to ADD. We suspect that coaches are going to become more specialist and this trend will continue.

These are a few areas covered by the term diversity and inclusion, there is much more. Go and find out….