Vertical development is another term for adult development. Horizontal typologies such as the enneagram, MBTi and others are still very popular,  but the real star waiting in the wings is adult or vertical development. Understanding leaders’ maturity allows coaches and leaders to have huge insight into personality, leadership style, attitude to change, race, capacity to deal with uncertainty, ability to lead and manage people, capability for innovation and strategy and much more. The field is really offering much practical value and variety.

We tend to teach the Loevinger/Cook-Greuter approach to adult development mixed with existential African philosophy (Biko) but there is so much more. It is so worth your while to check out Jennifer Garvey Berger, Bob Keegan and Bill Torbert.

Watch Jennifer Garvey Berger youtube clips and read her articles and books

Go check out the reference below referring to the work the Swedish government is doing around adult development and the ideas they have for inner development goals.

I am also attaching a document that may be useful including: