The wave of uncertainty, complexity, and change is here to stay and this means that we need to speed up our learning so that we can respond to the world as it is now, not as it was yesterday. The capacity to learn well is becoming more and more important and Petriglieri, (link below), notes that Chief Learning Officers will be on a par with CEOs or even take their jobs!  Here is a quote that I enjoyed:

“Learning is trying to figure out what matters now, this is what we were good at yesterday but is this what we need to do now? That kind of transformational learning requires not just putting aside, but actually subverting the logic of efficiency which is a religion in the way we design and run organizations.”

– Gianpiero Petriglieri

I am not sure if this new wave of learning will be like the old wave but it may be a moment to brush the dust off Senge and Argyris and Bateson or even easier watch a Youtube video.