Organisational development and the context.

We have spent quite a lot of time talking about this in supervision, notably that when we coach an individual we are most often coaching how they interact with a person or a context. In this way coaching is always organisational development work; our coaching impacts on the system even if we are not consciously taking the context into account.

This has many implications for how we work. One of these implications is that we need to check that we are working with the context fully rather than using a completely intrapsychic approach to our work. Intrapsychic coaching is coaching to the interior of the individual often with the exclusion of contextual factors.

We love the work of David Smail because he always notices the context – he is a therapist but go check him out:

His books are worth buying/stealing/borrowing – e.g. The nature of unhappiness. Other great sources are Julie Wilsons book on Neoliberalism and Joel Vos on Capitalist Life Syndrome.