There is a lot of fascinating work being done by Thomas Hubl on collective trauma. His website is included below and it is worth your while to check out his books especially Healing Collective Trauma: A Process for Integrating Our Intergenerational and Cultural Wounds.

One of the key messages he has for us is that a significant majority of people in the world are suffering from trauma; both collective and individual. Our own anecdotal research suggests that most if not all people in SA have had some experience of trauma (intergenerational and generational race or gender based, sexual abuse, crime, domestic violence, police brutality, workplace and domestic accidents, military experiences, adverse childhood experiences, attachment traumas etc). Hubl notes that the figure for the US is 67%.

This means that we as coaches MUST be able to work with trauma because many of our clients are bringing this into sessions, either overtly or covertly. At the very least we need to become educated about what trauma looks like and when we need to refer people to specialists.

Here are some resources

Read up about Adverse Childhood Experiences – (ACE) :

If you don’t know about attachment theory go and learn about it, there is a lot on YouTube– also search for attachment style and leadership: