In this episode of conversations with elders Makgathi Mokwena speaks to Keitumetse Gwangwa.

Keitu Gwangwa, an arts event and entertainment manager, formed Ndebi Creations as the vehicle that moves the cultural and heritage promotion and preservation initiative in Africa. After having worked with many artists and leaders, learned from African Cultural custodians and researched African indigenous knowledge systems, Keituletse saw it important to create a Ndebi Creations which would through art and Media promote African Culture and Heritage. Through the artistic projects produced, Ndebi Creations aims to encourage pride in Africans for their history and identity.

Indigenous African Heritage has a place in today’s modern society, through a series of projects, we aim to create a platform that will bring unique and rare performances, music, arts, and crafts to the fore front of African celebrations. We aim to be the chosen enlisters of illustrations of African identity. Culture is an active driving force within African societies, many significant stages in life are acknowledged by cultural activities, which raise moral, share insight and unite all involved. These are important elements of our inheritance. There is great value in our indigenous knowledge systems, sciences, ceremonies, spiritual wisdom that can play a role in illuminating how we came to be who we are. Cultural identity is the common thread weaving us, making us recognisable, giving us distinction. It is the secure understanding of self that raise confident communities, raises productive, responsible members of society.

Keitu believes that once people can find pride in their culture and heritage, they are proud of their identity and thus seek to preserve the quality of that which defines them. Preserve as in remain as authentic as possible to the original intention that was created in defining what is African.

“A man finds his identity by identifying. A man’s identity is not best thought of as the way in which he is separated from his fellows but the way in which he is united with them.”