Making sense of vertical development and integration within the Enneagram – A process perspective on Enneagram development

Horizontal Change focuses on developing new skills—personal, professional, and relational; acquiring different behaviors, practices and ways of solving real world problems. Vertical Change is about arriving at a deeper understanding of who we really are and an evolution of worldview or paradigm over time. This is a journey that happens, albeit in slightly different ways, for each of the Enneagram types.

This session is about working consciously and deliberately with these patterns or paradigms towards greater maturity and wisdom. Do we really understand vertical development as Enneagram practitioners? Or do we hold idealized, sometimes even glib perspectives that trivialize part of the development journey that is in fact the work of a lifetime.

The process Enneagram, more so than the personality Enneagram, allows us to make sense of true vertical development that goes beyond spiritual bypassing and embraces the expansion of our usual threshold of awareness, to discover and loosen the feelings, energies and core experiences that hold our Enneagram patterns in place.

This discussion invites Enneagram practitioners to talk about vertical development and what it means to embrace our own development reflexively.

Lucille Greeff is an Enneagram teacher with 15 years of Enneagram experience. She is the co-developer of multiple Enneagram tools and has taught the Enneagram and Vertical Development to leaders, coaches and therapists across the globe. She is a Director with Aephoria Partners and also facilitates Vision Quests. 

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