Coaches all around the world have been accredited in the AIM assessments and our community of global practitioners is growing very very fast! We are happy to showcase some of the members of our AIM practitioner community here.

Find a practitioner and connect with them for assessments, feedback, coaching, therapy, team development and other services.


Accredited in Enneagram, Identity Maturation, Teams and Facilitation. They have completed the full AEPT qualification as registered with the International Enneagram Association.

Pete Williams Profile Pciture

Cell No.: +27 72 112 8596
Location: Online and Kenton-on-Sea,South Africa
Scope of Practice:Executive Coach,Team Coach and Group Coach
Specialisation / Core Focus: Enneagram Systemic, Team Coaching and C-IQ Coach

Cell No.: +27 83 324 5514
Location:Cape Town, South Africa & Online
Languages: English, can understand Afrikaans, some French
Scope of Practice: 1:1 Leadership and Team coaching, using the Enneagram and Leadership Maturity assessments to build awareness, effectiveness and agency. Organisational culture codification and socialisation through facilitation and engagement inside-out.
Specialisation / Core Focus: – Executive coaching
– Supporting leaders to transition into leading with greater Emotional, Relationship and Systems Intelligence
– Helping teams build trust and psychological safety towards healthy conflict and greater accountability


Accredited in Enneagram, Identity Maturation and Teams.

Location: Online
Scope of Practice: Coaching, Training, Facilitation
Leadership, Personal & Career Development

Location:Cape Town, South Africa & Via Zoom
Website:  &
Scope of Practice: Therapeutic Coach, Art Psychotherapist, Time To Think Coach and Facilitator, Leadership and Management Coach, Resilience Coach, Enneagram Coach
Tessa combines an unusual set of talents and experience, with a vast toolbox. She has a gentle, multi-modal approach that looks at issues from different angles. Tessa works with teenagers and adults to strengthen resilience and ‘Leadership from within’. Through deep investigation, she helps people overcome blocks to reaching their potential.


Accredited in Enneagram and Identity Maturation for individuals.

Location:  Based in Johannesburg. Regional office in Cape Town and Virtual Global Clients
Scope of Practice: Industrial / Organisational Psychology
I am passionate about working with the complexity of human behaviour and its impact on organizational performance

Cell: +27790784609
Location:Cape Town & Online
Scope of Practice:Coaching
Diversity & Inclusion

Location:Cape Town, South Africa and Online
Scope of Practice:Individual & Enneagram led coaching, In-nature coaching, Coaching series, Group coaching
– Discovering personal essence & values, building confidence, leadership development
– Small business owners, Tech, NGO and education space, young professionals
I offer individuals a safe and nurturing coaching environment in which to explore their inner worlds. Whether you’re feeling stuck on a perpetuating problem, navigating a career change or wanting to find more meaning in your life, I can help.

Cell:  + 1-312-852-1254
Location: San Antonio, USA & Online.
Scope of Practice: Leadership Coaching
Specialization/Core Focus: Family Business

Cell: +27 82 6835898
Location: Cape Town, South Africa & Berlin ,Germany & Online.
Scope of Practice:Coaching (individuals and teams) & Organisation development
Chantelle is a coach, facilitator and trainer with a background in anti-apartheid community capacity building and development project management. Her focus is leadership development using emotional intelligence and the Gestalt approach to organisation / systems development. She specialises in organisational culture change, working with leaders around personal development, diversity, presence and resonance.

Cell: +27 7805127311
Location:Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada & Online
Scope of Practice: Coaching
Business, Leadership & Personal Development Coaching change or wanting to find more meaning in your life, I can help.

Location: Pretoria, Johannesburg, South Africa & Online
Scope of Practice: Coaching, facilitation and Organisational Development
Cherise is an accredited coach and facilitator who works with individuals and teams from SME’s, multinational corporations and academic institutions. Her focus is using the innate wisdom of all the human intelligences for individual, team and leadership development.

Cell: +27 768920781
Location: Johannesburg & online.
Scope of Practice: OD thinking partner; facilitation, coaching, conversation
Questions of agency, engagement, participation. Questions of identity, self and other, individual and collective. Questions of individual and collective transformation.

Dana Pulley

Cell: +1 5712122318
Location: Arlington, USA & Online.
Scope of Practice: Leadership Coaching, Leader Development Programs, Team Experiences

Cell: +27 765384178
Location:Centurion, Rustenburg, South Africa & Online.
Scope of Practice: Coaching and Mentoring, OD, HR.
Specialisation / Core focus: Psychometric Assessments. Learning and Development. Skills Audits. Organisation Design. Talent Management. Performance Management. Disability Sensitisation in the Workplace. Digitilisation of the Workplace. Wellness.

elizabeth graves profile picture

Cell: +1 202 403 1231
Location:Washington, DC, USA & Online.
Website: www.
Scope of Practice: Experience

• Professional coach since 2010, coaching in private industry, US Federal Government & UN agencies
• 25+ years in leadership positions in Fortune 100 organizations
• Firsthand understanding of the constantly changing demands of the workplace and what it takes to lead, building trust first, resilience, political savvy, effective communications, creative problem solving.
• Executive Career Coach – Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business
• Adjunct Faculty – Institute for Transformational Leadership, Georgetown University
• Assessor for coaching certification – ICF, ITL, UTD

Education, Training and Certifications

• MBA – The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
• BS – Kelley School of Business, Indiana University
• CCUCG – Certified graduate of the Advanced Corporate Coach University
• MCC – Master Coach Certification – International Coach Federation
• BCC – Board Certified Coach – CCE-Global
Scope of Practice: Libby is an executive coach with a focus on leadership development and executive career transition, whose approach is creating a safe and trusted space with unconditional positive regard for an individual to explore their strengths, their challenges, their identity; to enhance their self-awareness in order to navigate life and work with grace and agility. Fascinated by the Enneagram as a path to personal growth/freedom. Courage is at the root of change and change is what we are designed for. The key is to see the change you want to create. We cannot change what we cannot see.

Cell: +27 716792114
Location:Based in Pretoria.
Scope of Practice: Consulting, Coaching, Organisation Development, Facilitation & Training
High Performance and Resilient Leaders and Teams
Cell No.:
+27 833582299
Location: Cape Town, South Africa and Online
Scope of Practice: Coaching
Specialisation/core focus: As a life coach I am dedicated to guiding individuals on a transformative journey towards self-discovery, personal growth, and authentic living. Combining a profound understanding of the Enneagram and life coaching techniques, clients are empowered to unravel their unique patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving, enabling them to overcome obstacles and unlock their true potential

My coaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that self-awareness is the cornerstone of personal development. By blending the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram with modern coaching techniques, I can facilitate a supportive and non-judgmental space for clients to explore their inner landscapes, gain insights into their core motivations, and make conscious choices that align with their values.

Combining deep empathy, active listening, and a keen understanding of human psychology, coaching sessions are tailored to the specific needs and goals of each client.

Location: Cape Town
Scope of Practice: Culture, Team, Leadership and Individual development.
Janetta is a dynamic Industrial Psychologist, who facilitates organisational development and fosters teamwork through learning journeys. She believes that conscious conversation and people processes are the catalyst for change and continued organisational performance. Therefore, supporting people strategy on individual, team and organisational level that through qualitative and quantitative processes uncover potential and hone talent.

Cell: +27 82 796 8400
Location: Cape Town, South Africa & Online
Scope of Practice: Organisational Psychology – Coaching, Facilitation, Learning and Development, Organisational Development
As an Organisational Psychologist I offer Workshop Design, Process and Strategy Facilitation, Team Development, Leadership Coaching, Organisational Development, and Visual Intelligence. I am passionate about helping people think, learn and grow to the benefit of themselves and their organisations. My processes are adaptable to virtual, hybrid or in-person working environments.

Cell: +27 73 180 5506
Location:Cape Town, South Africa
Scope of Practice: Organisation Development & Coaching
Kugan is a seasoned Management Consultant, Facilitator and Coach. He helps people and their businesses thrive. With a focus on Organisational Culture and Change Management – he enables wellbeing and optimal functioning, from the shop floor to the C-Suite and beyond.

Cell: +27 82 495 6604
Location: Gauteng & Online
Scope of Practice: Organisation Development, Team Coaching, Leadership Development
We change, improve, develop and grow all types and sizes of organisations and the people inside those ‘systems’ to be better at how work gets done and how people interact, to achieve their purpose!

Location:Cape Town, South Africa
Scope of Practice: Industrial Psychologist – Organisational Development

Location: Chicago, IL & Online
Scope of Practice: Executive coaching, team coaching, culture architect
Executive coaching, team coaching, culture architect

Location: South Africa, Cape Town
Scope of Practice: Industrial Psychologist
Qualified Industrial Psychologist and facilitator. My current focus is on improving performance and culture within my organisation by developing strategies and interventions, the use of assessments and appropriate methodologies to assist organisations, teams and leaders. My experience is within psychometric assessments, change management, culture and leadership development.

Cell: +27 833033070
Location:Online, Centurion/Cape Town, South Africa
Scope of Practice: Coaching/Organisation Development
Empowering people with insight to unlock their infinite potential to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Marian Morlock profile picture

Cell: +1 (813) 503-8798
Location:Online, Tampa, Florida, USA
Scope of Practice: Leadership (all levels) coaching, Mental Fitness Coaching and Leadership Training and Facilitation
Specialisation / core focus: Marian is an executive level, global leadership coach. Marian has 30+ years of executive-level HR experience working for multi-national organizations. She has expertise in the areas of executive onboarding, succession planning, leadership development, diversity, equity and inclusion, relationship building and mindfulness. Marian is passionate about helping leaders create environments that promote compassion, inclusion, trust, and learning.

Cell: +27 723833113
Location: Cape Town, Johannesburg and Online
Scope of Practice: Leadership and Management Development, Team cohesion
I have solid experience in balancing the often paradoxical leadership challenges of delivering commercial results whilst developing people.I believe that the skill of great leaders who can harness and synergise people’s strengths,is intangible,but very real. This is where I am equipped to coach and build capacity to develop intrapersonal competence and to manage increasing levels of interpersonal complexity

maryanne elliot

Cell: +5027679261
Location: Louisville, USA
Scope of Practice: Coaching, Team Development

Cell No.: +1 901 857 6892
Nashville, USA & Online
Scope of Practice: Executive Coaching; Strategic Change Consulting; Group Leadership Development
Specialization / Core Focus: Mary Jo Greil, EdD, is a master executive coach and consultant whose practice is grounded in her own pioneering business experience as a strategic leader and changemaker in startup, mid-cap and Fortune 50 companies. She draws upon developmental approaches that empower her clients to uncover their own best solutions.

Location:Fargo North Dakota USA & online
Scope of Practice: Spiritual Direction and Leadership Development primarily in one-on-one settings. Teaching and facilitating groups in spirituality, Enneagram, and adult stage development.
My work now is primarily in facilitating my clients and directees in their inner adult developmental work through the Enneagram, presence practices and adult developmental stage work.

Cell No.: (+27) 0 839459649
Location: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa & Online/Face-to-face
Scope of Practice: Psychometrics / Industrial & Organisational Psychology / Psychology
Specialisation/Core Focus:I am a Registered Psychometrist with years of experience in the field of Talent Management. I have a passion for people development and how organisations can foster such development.

Cell: +27 825773559
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Scope of Practice: Coaching, Coach Training, Organisational Development
“Megan has been coaching, training coaches and facilitating organisational thinking processes for a decade. She has coached individuals in leadership positions in a wide variety of sectors and understands well that a growing maturity is key in navigating successfully through the challenges and opportunities facing us today.”

Cell: +27 82567 1199
Location: Waterfall, Midrand, South Africa & Online
Scope of Practice: Transformational Coaching, Leadership Development, Corporate Training.
Nicky’s aspiration is to raise the consciousness of leaders across theworld.She does this by helping clients transform whatever isholding them back from being all that they are.She works on a deeplevel to clear sub-conscious patterns, beliefs and behavioral patternsthat sabotage people from accessing their true potential

Cell: +27 079 490 7976
Scope of Practice: Almost 20 years owning her own business in leadership and team development and doing consulting, training, facilitating and coaching. Her clients are globally spread in different industries and sectors including finance, automotive, insurance, pharmaceutical, supply chain, and gas industry.
Patricia started her career in the mid-eighties, as head of learning & development at ING Bank right after university. She has never lost her passion for bringing the best out of people and seeing potential that they themselves often fail to see. Having worked for almost two decades in a large organisation, having consulted and developed people and teams over the past 20 years, she is able to adapt to a corporate culture, speak its language and ride political waves, without losing her gift of deep connection with those she works with. She momentarily lives and works in Europe and South Africa.

Ritu Profile Pic

Cell: +1 9199859395
Location: Superior Township, USA and Online
Scope of Practice: ICF Certified (PCC) Executive & Leadership Coach with expertise in strategic leadership and organizational effectiveness.

Individual & Team Coaching – F2F and online – to enhance effectiveness, engagement & influence; manage transitions & change; build strong relationships; enable strategic thinking & build executive presence.

Approach is holistic, results oriented and evidence based. Use the Enneagram and Adult Maturity assessments to build awareness and insights; co-create goals to change behavior and aslo the mindset to sustain the change: Enable clients become more effective and impactful leaders in today’s VUCA world & achieve social, emotional & cultural alignment.

Coached in multiple sectors: technology, engineering, healthcare, tourism, professional services, finance, insurance, automotive, retail etc. Clients include CEO/EVP/SVPs/VPs, GMs, Directors, Managers & high potentials.

Specialisation/ core focus: Executive Coaching and Facilitation
Individual 1:1 /team and group coaching to system intelligence and effectiveness
Facilitate group learning programs to build capacity, capability and competencies
Executive Assessment and Feedback
Interviews: Live 360, Intake, Developmental and Stakeholder
Enable a coaching culture in organizations

Strengths-based approach to coaching – help clients discover and leverage their strengths to lead self and others.
• you are creative, resourceful and whole – have the answers and the potential
• intentional choices as you build and grow your self-awareness and that of your associates
• its about deepening your learning and forwarding your action – develop a growth mindset

Cell: +27 83 689 3981
Location:Based in Johannesburg. Regional office in Cape Town and Virtual Global Clients
Scope of Practice: Integrated Coach Therapy, Trauma, Family Constellations, Leadership and Team Coaching, Change Management, Traditional Healer
Sav is ICF Accredited and COMENSA Coach offering more than 10 years/ 3500 hours of experience at all organisational levels (Intern to Group Executive level and Teams across organisations). An Agile Certified Coach, Prosci Change Manager, Family Constellations, Neurolink and Enneagram Trainer and Practitioner and a Certified Trauma Support Specialist.

Location:Asheville, NC USA & Online
Scope of Practice: Coaching, facilitating, leadership development, enneagram practitioner
Transformation coaching for those wanting to go deep and grow awareness, presence, authenticity, voice and vision. Presence & Enneagram key growth catalyzers for conscious living, leading & being.


Accredited in Enneagram for individuals.

Cell: +27 81 277 7970`
Location:  Potchefstroom, South Africa and Online
Scope of Practice: Coaching

Andisiwe Mketo

Cell: +27 783029103`
Location:  Cape Town, Western Cape and Online
Scope of Practice:Organisation Development/Behaviour
Specialisation / core focus: Organisation Behaviour: measurement, change management, administration

Cell: +1 415 828 0908
Location: San Francisco, California, United States & Online
Scope of Practice: Coaching, Facilitation, Group Coaching
With 25 years as a high performing Sales Leader delivering rapid growth for world-renowned media brands, I now partner with executives and entrepreneurs in unleashing their most powerful presence and purpose to achieve Peak Performance and Impact in their worlds. My focus is on elevating Emotional Intelligence as a key leadership skill, facilitating more Conscious Communication in the workplace, and inspiring my clients to turn their obstacles into opportunities. My coaching is informed by studies in Jungian Psychology, Neuroscience, Mental Fitness, Mindfulness, Meditation & the Enneagram. Whether one-on-one or in a workshop setting, I embolden my clients to unleash their limitless potential.

Annelita Whitlow Profile

Cell: +27 073 505 2626
Location: Cape Town, South Africa, and Online
Scope of Practice:Accredited AIM Level 1 Coach, Employee Health & Wellness Practitioner/Change Management, Industrial Psychologist; HRM and Training & Development/Facilitation
Specialisation/Core focus: I am an AIM Level 1 accredited am Coach. I am an experienced Leadership Development Facilitator, as well as Mentor & Coach. I am an ex-Educator/Facilitator/Moderator with +20-year teaching experience on Matric level. I am also a trained Industrial Psychologist (not practising); however extensive experience and exposure to various fields of HRM (Employee Health & Wellness Practitioner, Change Management, Culture Interventions, Diversity and Policy Development)

Cell: +27 818651764
Location: Stellenbosch, South Africa, and Online
Scope of Practice: Coaching, Training, Result’s Coaching System™ Certified Coach
I am a Career and Self-Development coach for young professionals. I believe that you are never too young in your career to start your journey of growth. My approach is built on applied neuroscience and models such as the Enneagram. Areas of focus include transition into the workplace, change of habits, aligning to your values, and career development.

Beth profile picture

Cell: 3037486236
Location: Denver, United States, and Online
Scope of Practice:Coaching, Workshops

Cell: +27 83 225 3735
Location: Cape Town, South Africa and Online.
Scope of Practice: Psychometric Assessments and Coaching
I’m a Registered Psychometrist and Coach and founder of HUMANESSENCE. I work with businesses focusing on Executive and Business/Corporate Coaching, as well as with private clients where I provide Teen Career Guidance, Adult Career Coaching, and Personal Growth/Life Coaching. I believe self-awareness is the most important key to success.

Cell: +27 76 829 7443
Location:Pretoria, South Africa and Online
Scope of Practice:Executive Coaching, Entrepreneurial Coaching, Life and Career Coaching, Team Development
Elona Hlatshwayo (PhD Cand. Wits) (Master Coach, ABCCCP) & Registered Coach, COMENSA. Elona’s qualifications are paired with over 15 years of developing and supporting business executives, senior managers and entrepreneurs across all business sectors. She believes in purpose, planning and legacy building and she actively supports business leaders, executives, and professionals to achieve their goals and grow their legacy.

Location:Port Shepstone & Online
Scope of Practice: Training and Development, Organisational Development, Corporate Culture
Manages the training, development and support of business units in the creation and maintenance of competency matrices, training plans and programmes, and coordinating employee engagement processes. Conducts needs assessment, programme development and training delivery, performance management issue analysis and solutions and OD interventions. Manages metrics reporting and analysis, and support culture building in the organisation

Cell: +27 82 338 7148
Location:Johannesburg Office & Online (Skype : helen.tonetti)
Scope of Practice: Helen Tonetti is an HR specialist with over 20 years’ experience in HR management. Her career started in a financial services environment then moved into an engineering/manufacturing environment and finally into a consultancy services environment. Her substantial cross-industry knowledge ensures HR challenges facing South African businesses are overcome. She is an accredited Gallup strengths coach, Enneagram coach assessor, moderator and skills development facilitator for numerous SETA’s.
Questions of agency, engagement, participation. Questions of identity, self and other, individual and collective. Questions of individual and collective transformation.
Helen Tonetti offers an arrange of HR consulting services. Our network of associate HR practitioners ensure we meet your business requirements. Individual and team coaching interventions to build winning teams.
-HR Audits examine policies, documentation, systems and practises and to improve the quality and contributions of the HR functions.
-Industrial Relations
-Workplace Skills Plan and Workplace Planning
-Skills Audits
-Performance Management
-Salary Benchmarking Surveys
-Job Grading
-Organisational design
-On Boarding and Induction
-Motivation & Retention
-Occupational Health and Safety Audit and Implementation Plans

Cell: +27 829215800
Location: Online.
Scope of Practice: Psychologist
Self-leadership, self-growth, couples counselling, family counselling

Cell:+27 81 437 8910
Location: Pretoria, South Africa & Online
Scope of Practice: Life Coaching, Leadership development, Enneagram
With a natural ability to connect and inspire others, Izaak relates easily to people from all walks of life and all levels of experience. He uses his business and leadership experience, NLP and coaching skills in combination with the Enneagram to unlock his clients’ full potential.

Cell: +61 427881547
Location: Brisbane, Australia and Online.
Scope of Practice: Coaching, Team Development, Organisational Development and Culture Change
Organisational Psychologist focused on helping people achieve things they never thought possible.
Location: Somerset West, South African and online
Scope of Practice: Coaching, Facilitation, Training, Consulting, Neurozone® High Performance Coach, Enneagram Practitioner
I facilitate growth in individuals and teams using a holistic approach informed by applied neuroscience and models such as the Enneagram. Frequent focus areas include team alignment and collaboration, Leadership development, preventing burnout and enabling thriving, wellbeing for performance, navigating conflict, enhancing human interactions, and the people aspects of change.

Cell: +27 799134934
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa and online (Hungarian facilitation and sessions available)
Scope of Practice: Coaching, Systemic and Family Constellation, EQ Practitioner, Integrative Emotional Development, Counseling, Art Therapy, Laughter Therapy
In the heart of my work lies the acceptance of the fact that who we are is not the same as what has happened to us or our family. In the process to facilitate the opening of long-forgotten resources in my client’s life

Location:San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA & Online
Scope of Practice: Executive and Leadership Coach
Co-Active trained coach, Leadership Circle practitioner, Enneagram

Cape Town, South Africa & Online
Scope of Practice: Leadership Embodiment Coach and Mindfulness Facilitator
Lila draws on mindfulness-based and leadership embodiment approaches and practices to help people recognize the beginning of stress’s hold on their life and how it is possible to shift to a more centered, resourceful state of mind and body. Lila’s 25-plus years of experience in Banking and Insurance has given her deep insights into the workplace challenges people face. She has coached Business owners, Teachers, Leaders, CEOs, Managers and IT professionals.

Cell No.: +27 837437203
Cape Town, South Africa & Online
Scope of Practice: 1 -1 coaching, online group coaching, workshops and facilitation
Specialisation / Core focus: sports performance coaching, equestrian mental skills, parent and teenager facilitation

Location: San Francisco Bay Area and Online
Scope of Practice: Executive coach and team/system coaching
Leadership development and EQ development for leaders Sr Director and above

Meagan Prentiss Profile

Location: USA
Scope of Practice: – 1:1 professional development & executive coaching
– Team & group coaching
– Teaming facilitation
– Mindful Communications instruction
Specialisation/Core Focus: Known for my work at start-ups, corporate enterprises and the social sector as a credentialed ICF-coach and mindful communications facilitator, I make change happen by uncovering pathways for leadership, life and professional growth.

Cell: +27 64 197 4099
Location: Cape Town & Online
Scope of Practice: Coaching

Cell: +27 829347464
Location:Cape Town, South Africa & Online
Scope of Practice: Coaching, Leadership & Metaskills
My coaching & leadership work focuses on Execs & Exec Teams, while my work in Meta-skills and future-proofing helps technical experts (mostly CFPs & related) integrate a coaching way into their current field of expertise. I love advancing personal transformation and maturity and the influence thereof on teams and organisations

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands & Online
Scope of Practice: Leadership and Management Development, Team cohesion
Scope of work: Coaching
Life & Career Coaching. Themes such as career planning, defining purpose, managing stress, work-life balance, building authenticity and confidence.
I have solid experience in balancing the often paradoxical leadership challenges of delivering commercial results whilst developing people.I believe that the skill of great leaders who can harness and synergise people’s strengths,is intangible,but very real. This is where I am equipped to coach and build capacity to develop intrapersonal competence and to manage increasing levels of interpersonal complexity


Cell No. : +27 82 829 1536
Illovo Sandton, Johannesburg
Scope of Practice: Individual and Couples Therapeutic Coaching.
Enneagram Teaching and Supervision.
Trauma Debriefing.
Growth and Developmental Work
Location:Cape Town, South Africa and Online.
Scope of Practice: SACAP Counsellor, ICF PCC Coach, Facilitator, Educator
Personal and Professional Relationship Development and Transformation. I specialise in developing people, relationships and leaders.

Cell: +27 73 988 8932
Location:Cape Town, South Africa and Online.
Scope of Practice: Coaching and Organisational Development
Thembi Kgengwenyane is the founder and owner of The Heart Space HR Consulting and has extensive experience in the fields of organizational excellence, change, transformation, and strategic facilitation, she specializes in Diversity and Inclusion and Team coaching. She is an experienced systems Psychodynamic consultant/coach/facilitator. Her educational background is Honours Industrial psychology . She is certified Analytical network coach and Enneagram practitioner

Cell: 303 753 6730
Location:Denver, Colorado, USA and Online.
Scope of Practice: Coaching and Organizational Development
Specialisation / core focus: Development of Leaders

Cell: +27 67 402 9129
Location: Mbazwana, South Africa and Online.
Scope of Practice: Coaching, Counselor, Facilitator & Learner Support
Specialisation / Core focus: I do facilitation freelancing, coaching, counselling and mentorship.