Our Programmes

We design programmes around individual and organisational needs to survive and thrive.Aephoria

All programmes are tailored to client needs but broadly fit into the following categories of work;

  • executive, leadership and management development programmes,
  • team and group interventions (e.g. to resolve conflicts, build capacity, learn courageous conversational skills, align strategy)
  • organisational development and design projects
  • one-on-one interventions including coaching and existential leadership psychotherapy.

We run women’s leadership and have extensive experience in diversity and inclusion measurement and interventions.  We also run the Advanced Leadership electiv course on the MBA programme at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business.

Deeply embedded within our methodologies lies our strong belief that fast-tracking people’s maturation addresses many of the problems we find in our work, our personal lives and our organisational systems.

Our Products

We have developed a number of products to measure and support maturity, personality and inclusion. Our primary products are the Aephoria Identity Map and InclusionIndex.


Our combined EIT and Enneagram assessment tool, the Aephoria Identity Map (AIM) provides people with a clear vision of their maturity and personality and is a great way to begin any developmental approach.  The measurement for maturity uses Expanded Identity Theory (EIT) and measures where people fall on an adult maturation typology. We have also developed an Enneagram assessment that provides excellent material for development and team building. 

AIM is the only tool of its type available in the world today.  Its unique combination of personality (horizontal) and maturity (vertical) development offers a holistic and in-depth view of the individual leader and current development strengths and challenges.


InclusionIndex is a unique, psychometrically-constructed instrument that enables organisations and institutions to measure diversity and inclusion.  It is one of only a few systems of its kind in existence today.  It is survey-based, easy to use and is mostly administered online through PC, tablet or phone and occasionally by using a paper-based approach. 

The tool analyses how 10 academically-researched inclusion factors impact on perceived levels of diversity and inclusion across multiple demographic groups.  It is sent to participants at any level in the organisation, the survey contains 73 items and it can be completed in about 20-30 minutes.  As well as generating an overall organisational picture, the instrument is able to run specific reports across various demographic groups. It  produces metrics that supports clients to ‘score’ diversity and inclusion and monitor ongoing progress across unlimited demographic, departmental and geographic dimensions.  InclusionIndex has been deployed across a range of organisations in the UK and Southern Africa.  It has reached a total employee population in excess of 50,000 people to date. 

Our Publications


We have in-house publications that support our work and our clients.

We have a number of in-house publications that support our work and are available to participants. The Cartography of life consists of three booklets exploring Expanded Identity Theory, the Enneagram and the AIM or integrated measurement system.
Julia has published a book on Steward Leadeship along with Prof Kurt April (GSB) and Kai Peters (Ashridge). This book provides the theory for the servant leadership programmes and is good reading material for anyone wanting to support their own maturation.

Aside from books, we publish papers and articles on a wide variety of subjects ranging from the Enneagram to existential thinkers to organisational development and poetry. These are available on request.