Thank you so much Lucille for the opportunity to be a participant in the Level 1 Enneagram program.  I have studied the enneagram for many years and your perspective was refreshing and I found great value in your wisdom and point of view.

Your facilitation was welcoming, open, and warm and from the moment I was in your presence I knew that I was in good and capable hands.  Your insights and deft handling of the group were just what we needed to get the most out of the program.  Thank you again!

Marla Skibbins, Level Up EQ, USA

I attended the AIM accreditation in 2018 and found it one of those workshops where I didn’t feel time pass, didn’t think about my phone or the rest of the world and just enjoyed every minute. By then I have been working with the Enneagram for 5 years and have used it in many team development workshops. The AIM accreditation opened up the wonderful world of the Enneagram to me even further and pushed my thinking far beyond where I have gone up to then. Lucille was the person who introduced me to the Enneagram back in 2012 and I can never get tired of listening to her work with the Enneagram, she has such a deep but comfortable understanding that she makes it practical and fun while at the same time challenging everyone in the room to go deeper.

Liezel van Arkel

The wisdom Lucille holds around the enneagram is phenomenal and the training she has created to deepen and explore your own experience with it is one of the best I have taken.  The training explores the enneagram itself, the AIM assessment tool and methodology, your expression within it, and the approach for using it with others in a debrief.  There was a beautiful balance of activities, reflections, and practice which had me come away confident in my own abilities to use it with clients. I have taken other training workshops on the enneagram and this was by far superior in accelerating my skills in AIM’s assessment, which is highly reliable and valid and weaves the enneagram and greater levels of self-awareness into one tool.

Amy Day
Ingrid Hurwitz

There are many reasons why I would highly recommend the AIM/ Enneagram accreditation
programme offered by Aephoria.

1. Credibility

The Aephorian facilitators deep specialist theoretical and conceptual knowledge and critical
perspectives, as well as socio-historically and contextually sensitive technical/ procedural
application experience. They have deep and critically reflexive knowledge of adult ego development theory and its
application in OD and coaching which they have ingeniously combined with the Enneagram
with depth and rigour. They have connections to leaders in the field (to whom they
generously create access), and a wealth of application experience and insights that are the
result of decades of experience in complex organisational settings in multiple sectors, from
higher ed and public sector bureaucracies to listed corporates.

2. Learning Relevance and Learner Experience.

Facilitation, teaching, and learning expertise. The facilitators are brilliant and inspiring. They
provide a wealth of highly relevant theories that they have condensed and made extremely
accessible and simple. They also facilitate what one famous cognitive science calls
“participatory knowing” through their active, immersive and experiential teaching methods.
Through these one walks away with practical process and procedural competencies. I was
able to apply the learning in my own professional contexts immediately.

3. Practitioner and graduate support

They have the most unbelievably generous approach to post-training professional
development, learning application support, and continuous learning. Their supervision
sessions are powerful and transformative and are also creating a beautifully supportive
professional and global community of practice and knowledge sharing. This is proving to be
deeply inspiring and generating many wonderful connections and opportunities.

4. Ethics.

Aephoria operates from a tangibly ethical base of integrity. As a “customer” I feel a personal
values alignment with this group of people in terms of their benevolent social and human
intent, generosity, truthfulness, and respect for people and their investments. Having known
especially Lucille closely for a number of years, this is something that I have seen is
something I can absolutely trust, due to her level of self-awareness and visible/ tangible/
noticeable personal commitment to truth.

Ingrid Hurwitz
Ntyatambo Ntloko

I thoroughly enjoyed the level 1 training with Lucille. The depth of understanding she has about the enneagram introduces you to not just another coaching tool but rather to an enlightened framework, opening up the window to one’s inner world. Her training style is both thoughtful and engaging, equipping you with a clear map to begin working with the enneagram in your own practice.

Ntyatyambo Ntloko
Dr Helena Dolny

If you are considering training with Aephoria for their Level One Coach training, then feel confident that all your prior knowledge will be deepened and consolidated. I especially valued the tri-types approach and enjoyed the insights provoked by the “how did you become a number?”

Aephoria facilitators are seasoned experts, lively, and they present with humour – all your faculties will be engaged: words, visuals and music. I felt that different learning styles were accommodated. Lucille Greef is committed to an interactive approach and in my experience has extraordinary generosity, going the extra mile, if/when you as a learner hit a bump in the road.

The resources that Aephoria makes available exceed expectations in all ways: quality, variety, and volume. Aephoria has designed a strong programme with backbone and heart. The assignments for the accreditation process are substantial without being onerous. You can dive deep or you can skim – that choice is yours.

Dr Helena Dolny